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The USA DeleGAYtion: From Sochi, With Hate

The USA DeleGAYtion: From Sochi, With Hate

The USA DeleGAYtion: From Sochi, With Hate

The modern world is in an uproar over Russia’s treatment of LGBT people. Why? They’re beaten, jailed, banned from having public display, and they’re subject to a new law that forbids talking to minors about anything gay. In Russia, that’s called “Gay Propaganda.”

One conservative Russian politician stated: “In no way will the law discriminate against the gay and lesbian community. It’s designed only to protect children from images and impressions that imply a gay or lesbian lifestyle is normal.” (Pausing for laughter while you ponder the ironic idiocy of that statement.)

Uh-oh. What happens to the kid who’s being raised by a gay parent or parents? What happens to their safety? How about escalated suicide rates among gay kids? And then there’s HIV.

President Vladimir Putin to the rescue! Yes, yes, he has a fix for Russian children: Keep gays invisible and don’t allow anyone to talk to them about anything gay. Perhaps he would have preferred handling gay Russians the way he handled stray dogs before the tourists came. He shot them in the streets.Then again, that wouldn’t have played well to a global audience where ex-KGB Putin is selling the world on the new Mother Russia. Although, beatings are still perfectly acceptable. Beatings are in vogue. Beatings are politically correct.

As an aside, I had heard anecdotally that a Russian billionaire wanted to save the dogs. I wonder if Putin considered having him shot as well.

The shiny new law also bans ‘unsanctioned protests.’ I’m no rocket scientist, but isn’t that a contradiction in terms? While here at home and worldwide many have called for an Olympic boycott, it’s been interesting to see who has stepped up for equality, and who has cowered.
I thought President Obama made an interesting choice. He selected gay athletes Billie Jean King, multi-medalist Caitlin Cahow and gold medalist Brian Boitano to be our deleGAYtion at Sochi’s opening and closing ceremonies. Take that, Putin! Careful, don’t let any of those terrible world-class gay role models spread their gay propaganda.
I would be remiss if I didn’t give kudos to AT&T who made a bold and specific statement in support of gay equality globally. Still, other global corporations could take a lesson from Google, who changed its web page to show athletes superimposed on the rainbow flag.
Companies who don’t speak out have lost my business permanently. I wonder if the Russian officials keep a list of gay athletes so they know who to hate. But what if some kid who gets an autograph from a gay athlete asks, “Are you gay?”
Welcome to the Sochi Olympics.
Let the beatings begin.

(Note: As of this posting, Billie Jean King will not attend the opening ceremonies due to the death of her mother. My sympathies go out to the Moffitt family.)


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